If youre thinking about getting a walk-in bathtub in Los Angeles, CA, you probably have a lot of questions. You’ve seen advertisements for walk-in tubs, and they look like they could be really useful for your specific lifestyle. You may not be aware of exactly how they work, how much they cost to install, or how convenient they could be for you. Walk-in bathtubs provide a lot of amazing benefits for all types of people and all types of circumstances. Following are just a few of the ways that walk-in bathtubs could benefit you.

They Help People With Mobility Issues

If you have limited mobility, a walk-in tub could be the perfect solution for you. Since it has a very low entry threshold, the tub is easy to get into and out of. Most people can simply walk straight into the tub without having to lift their legs at all. If you use a scooter or a wheelchair, the walk-in tub is an excellent way to simply ride the scooter straight to the tub and enjoy your bath.

They Allow People to Stay at Home

Many people believe that they have to move out of their homes when they age, especially if they’re no longer able to use areas of their homes like their bathrooms. With a walk-in bathtub, bathing is as equally accessible to you when you’re older as it was when you’re younger. By installing a walk-in tub, you’re making a modification that allows you to stay in your home.


Many people use health practices like hydrotherapy to deal with issues like arthritis, aching bones and injuries. Walk-in tubs can be outfitted with features like jets, therapeutic air, and whirlpools so that therapy can continue at home.

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