Cloudy eyesight, poor night vision, and light sensitivity are all common symptoms of cataracts. Some factors may put a person at risk of developing cataracts, but thankfully, it cataract surgery is highly successful. Both convention surgery and laser eye surgery in Green Bay WI are common forms of treatment.

Goal of Surgery

No matter if the patient opts for standard or laser eye surgery in Green Bay WI, the ultimate goal of the surgery is the same. The doctor is looking to remove the entire cataract and replace the lens with a new, artificial one. Many clinics offer both types of surgery, although laser surgery is used in less than 5 percent of cases.

After surgery, patients often notice an immediate improvement in their vision. Their vision should continue to become clearer and sharper during the healing process. Most patients are fully recovered after a month and the majority return to regular activities in a week or less.

Cost of Surgery

The price of laser and conventional cataract surgery varies greatly. Patients often pay a premium for laser surgery, with most clinics charging a surcharge of at least $2,000 per eye. Insurance also does not cover laser cataract surgery, so patients are responsible for the entire bill.

On the other hand, conventional cataract surgery is usually covered by private insurance. Some patients are lucky enough to pay nothing out-of-pocket once their deductible is met. Total cost, of course, depends on the individual patient’s insurance plan and coverage.

Results of Surgery

While laser surgery utilizes fancier, more technologically advanced machines, it doesn’t mean the patient will have a better outcome. Most eye doctors agree that both conventional and laser cataract surgery provide almost identical results.

The amount of vision improvement a patient experiences depends on some factors, including medical history and preoperative measures. The type of intraocular lens implanted also plays a role in how much eyesight is recovered following surgery.

If a cataract is making your vision blurry, it’s time to have it surgically removed by a local ophthalmologist. Many clinics offer both conventional and laser surgery, and a doctor can help you determine which type is right for your eyes. Visit Us to learn more about how cataract surgery will help you see more clearly.

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