The primary goal of Laser Cataract Surgery in Honolulu is to see more clearly. However, in addition to achieving this goal, the high-tech lasers and lenses available today have also made it possible to achieve better vision. Eye professionals have the ability to improve a client’s vision, so they can see up close or from a distance without having to use contacts or glasses.

What Exactly is this Surgical Procedure?

A cataract is formed in a person’s eye as the natural lens that is present gets cloudy. During the traditional cataract surgery procedure, a surgeon will use a small blade and enter the front portion of the eye. They will then take another instrument to create a circular incision on the actual lens capsule, which allows them to get to the cataract. At this point, ultrasound waves are used for breaking the cataract present into small pieces, which will then be removed. After removal, an artificial lens is put in place.

With the Laser Cataract Surgery in Honolulu, rather than using traditional surgical instruments, a laser is used for making the incisions. This helps to create a more precise, repeatable and reliable incision and is something a surgeon can do completely by hand. Even the best surgeon isn’t able to make a precise circle like a laser can.

Who Should Consider this Surgery?

While there are many advantages offered by using the laser for cataract surgery, this isn’t a procedure that is right for everyone. Since a laser is used, and the top-quality lenses typically aren’t covered by insurance, most people are going to incur a higher level of out-of-pocket expenses than what is achieved with more traditional cataract surgery.

When it comes to cataract surgery, it isn’t something that should be put off. Be sure to find a quality surgeon to handle the procedure. More information about this surgery can be found by contacting the staff at Hawaii Vision Clinic. Being informed and understanding what happens during this procedure is the best way for a person to know whether or not it is something they should try to invest in for their vision.

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