DIY techniques are all the rage of our time. Its high time we got creative about dealing with the signs of age. Inevitable as they are, you can still rid yourself of them that too, to our delight, without facing the chemical peels or other instruments. Yes, professional treatment is what you opt for in search of the best, but that doesnt mean you cant do with a few hacks up your sleeve, does it?

Dont worry, I wont have you wasting your time up and down isles for a couple of expensive lotions; wo knows what sort of preservatives or harsh chemicals these constitute of. Instead, a trip to your pantry is all youre going to need for the following remedies to conceal spots or erase lines and have a smooth and younger skin.

  1. Milk

One of the most effective and gentlest of mask you can have to remove the dead skin cells clinging to your face is milk. Splashing some after washing your face every night gets you a fresh complexion as the lactic acid in milk results in formation of new skin cells. You can also apply coconut milk on face to get a radiant look.

However, if you chose to eliminate the dead cells or dirt clogging on surface with papaya or rose water, then youd simultaneously be enjoying the benefit of skin firmness.

  1. Raw Potato and Honey

These two are best for pigments, marks, and fine lines. Its not like an anti-ageing treatment has to be complicated in order to be effective. You can simply rub raw potato where there are spots and if youre moving around with tired-looking eyes, then theres nothing better than having quality honey over that skin.

  1. Lemon Juice or Avocado Oil

Anti-ageing treatment goes beyond your facial skin. From dealing with age spots and freckles to your darkened knees and elbows, lemon juice is literally godsend; the vitamin C with its awesome bleaching ability makes the melanin fade away naturally even as you exfoliate with a couple of drops daily only for 15 minutes and then rinsing them.

Alternatively, the avocados your option if youre looking to rejuvenate skin thats all dried up and possibly crinkly. You can substitute it too with apple cider vinegar whose acidity ensures the skins pH remains balanced, that is neither too dry nor too oily; use it in ratio of 1:2 with water and you have just gifted yourself an excellent toner.

  1. Tea

Did you ever wonder how the Asians, more particularly those from the region of China and India, got such perfect skin? Tea, as an essential part of their culture, is their best kept anti-ageing secret to date. Where the Chinese would go for a mask, a mixture of green tea powder and brewed white tea, to get their dose of EGCG, an anti-ageing antioxidant, and avoid wrinkles, the Indians would have a cup of ginger tea to kick start their day.

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