When pain professionals address pain, they must tailor the therapy to the exact needs of the patient. Therefore, the management of pain must be carefully reviewed to address the specific type of discomfort.

Managing Pain

Pain can be either acute or chronic. As a result, the therapy that is used must be based on the severity of the pain and its duration. It should also address the site of the pain and whether the pain is triggered from a skeletal or soft tissue injury.

Therefore, pain medication management in Gainesville, GA may cover the following courses:

  • Integrative health solutions

  • Non-opioid management

  • Opioid detoxification

  • Customized opioid therapy

Customized opioid treatments are necessary to ensure that the risks associated with taking the medicine are reduced. Therefore, medical practitioners must believe that the benefits of the therapy outweigh the risks. That is why integrated and patient-centered treatments support pain medication management today.

Opioid Detoxification

Because opioids are addictive, sometimes opioid detoxification is required. Opiates work by acting on dopamine, a chemical in the brain. Dopamine creates a feeling of euphoria, similar to the euphoria experienced when using drugs such as morphine or heroin. When opiates are used to excess, it can lead to a depletion of dopamine and to an addiction to opiates.

If opioid detoxification is indicated, a professional pain medication management center will offer pain management methods and non-addictive options to gradually eliminate the need for opiates. Detoxification may take one of various forms. These forms may include a natural detox, a medically supervised detox, a medical detox, or a rapid detoxification.

Where to Obtain Further Details

To learn about the detoxification process and to schedule an appointment to discuss safe management of your pain, contact a clinic such as Southern Pain and Spine Associates today. Whether you have become addicted to opiates or wish to manage chronic or acute pain, you can find the solution you are seeking by working with a clinic that is tailored to your individual health needs and condition. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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