As your parent reaches their senior years, their physical and mental health will begin to decline. While one option is to confine them to a nursing home, more families are instead choosing home health care services in Philadelphia, PA. This option allows your senior parent to stay in their home and avoid the feelings of abandonment and depression often caused by a stay in an assisted living facility. Additionally, a home care aide will help your parent in the following ways.

Help With Light Housekeeping
As seniors experience health declines, they suffer from reduced strength and inhibited muscular coordination. These frailties increase their risks of injury in doing the average housekeeping tasks that most people take for granted. Home care aides perform these basic duties to ensure your parent wont injure themselves.

Assist With Daily Hygiene Rituals
Seniors experience memory and concentration problems, which is one reason they may not bathe, brush their teeth, or take necessary medication. They may also stop caring about doing these things when they’re left alone without any social interactions. Having a home care aide in the home will ensure your parent is taking better care of themselves. They will also have the social support they need from their interactions with the aide.

Get Basic Medical Care
Home health care services in Philadelphia, PA, use trained healthcare professionals to ensure their clients get the care they need. If your senior loved one suffers from a specific medical condition, you can request an aide experienced in caring for seniors with that condition. This will ensure your parent gets the same level of care they would receive in a long-term care facility.

You can provide your senior loved one with these benefits and more when you contact Angels On Call Home Care via their website at

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