Within the field of ophthalmology, there are different specialties that exist. A retina specialist focuses more on the treatment of the retina and vitreous. If you have a condition related to those areas, you should consult with an expert in Arlington Heights.

Special Focus and Training

To practice as a specialist in this area, a doctor must complete further training after their ophthalmology residency. They are able to provide the diagnosis and surgical, medical and laser treatments that are required for various retinal conditions.

The retina is an area in the eye that is very sensitive to light and has photoreceptors that convert light into impulses that are relayed to the brain where they are converted to images. It is, therefore, a very critical area for the sense of vision. It is the layer of tissue lining behind the eye. Between the retina and the lens, the area is filled with a clear vitreous gel which is also very important to vision.

These specialist doctors can treat various problems that arise in the back of the eye. Some of these include diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, retinal vein occlusion, and vitreous hemorrhage. Their patients often come from those with a family history of a certain eye disease or those who have undergone some kind of eye trauma.

How to Get Treatment

Anyone who is experiencing prolonged eye problems such as blurry vision, deteriorating eyesight, or anything out of the ordinary should make it a priority to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor. There, they can receive a comprehensive eye examination. Should it be determined that there is a retinal issue, the patient can be referred to the relevant specialist.

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