Living with pain can be a real challenge. It can affect more than just the way a person physically feels. It can often change a persons mood, overall view of life, and even his or her self-image. While there are lots of different reasons for pain, the goal is to find practitioners that can help manage and control the pain. Here are three medical professionals that could be considered a pain management specialist in Plano Tx dealing with pain centering on the back.


A chiropractor is often the first line of defense when it comes to back pain. This Pain Management Specialist in Plano Tx works to make adjustments to the body in order to relive some of the pain and pressure. In some cases, a patient will begin to feel relief immediately following the first appointment. For others, a series of appointment with help the pain lessen over time until it is considered managed. If the pain should reemerge, a chiropractor can continue to make adjustments to keep the body in line.

Spine Specialists

If several appointments with a chiropractor doesnt address the issue, patients often move on to a spine specialist. Surgeons as well as rheumatologists fall into this category, They work to come up with an alternate plan to deal with the back pain. Some patients will need to undergo surgery while others will be presented with different options, depending on the type of pain and its cause.

Physical Therapists

After surgery or other medical treatments, it might be possible to move onto a physical therapist. Here a patient works to rehabilitate the body to get it back on track. After a series of appointments, patients should be able to regain a range of motion without dealing with the same type of pain. It is possible for an individual to see a physical therapist for a considerable amount of time until the issue has truly been addressed.

If you are suffering from back pain, it makes sense to seek out help as soon as possible. The first step is finding a chiropractor skilled in dealing with different types of pain.

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