Whether you are someone planning to use a product or an organization launching a new one, information in the formulation and details of that product are critical. This is when sunscreen testing can help. These products provide a very important service. They must provide a specific level of protection that a consumer can expect to be present. At the same time, you also need to ensure that the product does not cause potential harm to a consumer. The more testing that is done, the more confident a company can be when providing these products or using them.

Testing Options Range to Meet Specific Needs

The good news is sunscreen testing is quite intense. There are a variety of testing methods available to provide incredible insight and information. For those who need something specific, the right lab can answer many questions. For example, this may include testing for water resistance. Options range from 40 to 80 minutes. Other types of testing can show how long the product lasts. This type of sunscreen testing can test the effectiveness of a product over two hours, four hours, and eight hours. Immediate water resistance and static testing are two additional types of tests commonly used.

Regulations for sunscreen continue to improve with more focus than ever on the quality of the product and its effectiveness. While governmental guidelines are important, sunscreen testing is also a way of showing that a product is better than the competition. Companies that invest in it gain insight and key opportunities to learn how they can improve their product. Take a look at a lab that offers comprehensive service and some of the most advanced testing possible. It is this information that will give you the insight you need when it comes to choosing to launch.

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