When you need help with addiction but still need to work and take care of your family, then consider an outpatient program. You’ll experience the same benefits as though you were in an inpatient program but only during the day so that you can leave in the afternoon or evening.

What’s Included

An intensive outpatient program in Minneapolis typically offers group sessions so that you can talk to others who are going through similar addiction issues, individual counseling, and classes to help with life skills. There are usually sessions that address some of the personal issues that you might have, such as past trauma or difficulties with family members.


The length of time that you would need to be involved in an intensive outpatient program in Minneapolis usually depends on the severity of your addiction. Some people might be well enough to stop treatment after a few weeks while others could take several months. You’ll usually attend the program between three and five days a week for a few hours each day.

What’s Learned?

An outpatient program is typically for someone who is dealing with addiction or for family members of those who are dealing with addiction. It’s often better if you have been through a detoxification process as most outpatient programs don’t have the resources to help in this area. While in the program, you can learn skills that can help you with a job, meet new people who can support you through your journey, and discover ways to build healthy relationships.

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