Are you a clinician, and do you need the best suture needle sets to perform fast and safer surgery? You’re at the right place. Read on to get more information on how to acquire suture needles for your clinic in Hayward, CA.


It is safer and faster than conventional looped suture with less pain at the injured site. NeoClose delivers absorbable anchors pre-connected to absorb suture through a transparent guide for a quick and straightforward site closure after the process. It also offers secure fascial closure without nerve setup.

It has an AnchorGuard designed to close the injured site safely without insufflation. The closure reduces aerosolized virus possible and removes escaping insufflation gas. And freedom to deliver NeoClose safely with 75% less tension on the tissue.

Operative Amour

It is the first safety mechanism that allows you to close surgical incisions without scrub tech help. It handles exposed needles and removes passage, improves labor effectiveness and OR workflow and controls your closure pace.

Operative Amour Products

Needle trap It offers a standardized way to safely self-protect every suture needle set at the point of use in surgery. It removes the contaminated needlestick danger related to the handling of exposed contaminated needles.

Barrier Kit This is used to reduce surgical closure time in the operating room and offer an ergonomic placement to ensure you can keep your sight on
the surgical field.

Mini-Mount It offers controlled ways for securing and dispensing suture needles around the surgical field.

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If interested in suture needles in Hayward, CA, contact Sharp Fluidics, LLC today. They offer quality needles for safer and controlled surgical operations at affordable prices.

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