When people think about cosmetic dentistry, they usually think about vain people who want whiter smiles. While it is true that cosmetic dentistry does include effective tooth whitening services, it also covers important areas such as orthodontics, veneers, and tooth implants.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help with Your Self-Confidence

A person can lose and break teeth for a wide variety of reasons including poor dental health, disease, genetic conditions, and accidental trauma and impact. The fact is that any number of missing or broken teeth can become much more than a simple health concern. It can cause a lasting negative impact on your life including social anxiety, embarrassment, isolation, and even depression. It is in these areas that a professional cosmetic dentist is invaluable.

Fixing Missing and Broken Teeth

Missing and broken teeth can cause other health concerns if they are not taken care of. Multiple missing teeth in a jawline can even cause sagging to occur in the cheeks as the skin simply draws inwards to fill the space. Other teeth may even move along the jawline if there are no other teeth present to provide a buttress.

There are a number of options for fixing missing or broken teeth, including implants and crowns. Tooth implants are certainly the longer-term solution if taken care of correctly but every cosmetic dentist also provides porcelain veneers and crowns on a regular basis because they tend to be more affordable for many people.

The Popularity of Tooth Whitening

Of course, tooth whitening has become a popular way of improving ones smile but it should never be seen as a vain procedure. There are a number of reason why someone might want whiter teeth including for his or her current career, to improve his or her career prospects, or to feel better about himself or herself. The good news is that places such as Smile Solutions PC provide a wide range of friendly and professional cosmetic dentistry services for everyone! You can also follow them on Twitter.

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