When a loved one is suffering from dementia, the family usually suffers alongside them as they watch memories deteriorate over time. Learn why innovative Alzheimer’s nursing care at a Palm Coast, FL, center offers renewed hope and joy to both the patient and their concerned family members.

How Memory Care Works to Keep Individual’s Engaged in Life

Memory care is a program designed to actively engage the brain and stimulate thinking and memories. Like body muscles can remember certain moves, the brain too tends to stay sharp if it is stimulated on a regular and ongoing basis. Learning something new, even if this is something small, can help the brain stay active.

Music & Memories Seem to Go Together & Music Therapy Helps Dementia Patients

Most individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease do retain some memory of certain songs they loved or a melody played with an instrument. Music therapy seeks to reach those deeply embedded memories by engaging the senses and stimulating a reaction like humming, singing or dancing for instance.

Even if the person does not remember the exact words, they will often smile and appear calmer and happier during music therapy sessions.

Personal Possessions & Photos of Family or a Pet Can Also Bring Joy

Families are encouraged to bring in favorite photos of family members, pets or special places the person may have visited. Learn more regarding Alzheimer’s nursing care in Palm Coast, FL.

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