Mental illness affects a considerable percentage of the adult population, children, and teenagers each year. The difference is, unlike physical illnesses, mental health illnesses may not have any visually noticeable symptoms. Mental health and family therapy in Minneapolis can help people identify mental health challenges and work toward finding a solution.

Because these symptoms of mental illness are invisible, people struggling with mental health challenges might be around you every day. They can be your family, your neighbors, your children, members of your congregation, and people who you work with. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of people who are dealing with mental health issues receive the mental health and family therapy in Minneapolis needed to get better.

Part of this has to do with the unfortunate stigma connected to mental health. If a person has cancer, leukemia, or diabetes, there is no stigma attached to them going to the doctor and getting the care that they need. However, if a person has a mental illness, society can stigmatize them for getting the care that they need.

This is sad because if mental illness goes untreated, it can affect a persons ability to perform at work or at school. There are fewer employment opportunities and an increased risk of self-harm and substance use disorder.

This is why it is imperative for people to be aware of their mental health and the mental health of the people they love.

Learn how Options Family & Behavior Services is helping people better understand mental health and get the care they need by visiting this website today.

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