Pet Vaccinations

When discussing pet vaccinations in Alexandria, pet owners are often surprised to learn just how important annual check-ups and vaccinations are to their pets well-being. Unfortunately, some residents believe that their pets do not need annual exams and vaccinations because they are not around other pets. While that will protect them from some diseases it does not guarantee protection against any commonly vaccinated against diseases. The only way to fully protect pets of any kind is for them to receive an annual check-up from a veterinarian and vaccinations.

Minimum Pet Vaccinations Not Enough

Many clinics and non-profit animal shelters offer pets free or reduced rabies pet vaccinations in Alexandria. While this is a wonderful service to the community, pet owners need to be aware that a rabies shot alone will not protect their beloved family member from all harm. Even if a pet is kept indoors, they are susceptible to catching diseases. Strays might wander by a fence and just one lick of the nose is all it would take to spread a deadly disease like distemper or parvo. If a visitor to a home had a sick cat at their house, they could spread the germs to indoor cats at the visiting home inadvertently. There are many ways disease can spread and making sure a pet has all the necessary pet vaccinations in Alexandria is the only way to prevent it.

Annual Exams Are Important Too

Pet vaccinations in Alexandria will protect furry family members from many communicable diseases but it will not protect them from cancer, kidney disease, or ear infections. To stay on top of other ailments and conditions a pet might sustain during their life an annual exam is necessary. Some breeds of pets require more frequent exams. Older pets also require more frequent exams.

Healthy Habits A Must with Pet Vaccinations in Alexandria

Regardless of a pets breed, age, or general condition, maintaining a healthy lifestyle combined with pet vaccinations and annual exams is the way to protect Alexandria pets from avoidable health complications. In the United States pet obesity is rising. By asking a veterinarian what food ones pet should be eating and how much, one can avoid adding unnecessary stress to a pets body from being overweight or obese. Just like humans, pets can suffer from secondary conditions if weight is an issue.

While it may be tempting to avoid a yearly exam for a pet or all the recommended vaccinations it would be wise to adhere to the national recommendations for all pets. Cost can be an issue for families but there are several community programs able to assist those unable to afford health care for their pets. Since pets are part of a family, treating them as any other family member in regard to health care is the natural thing to do. Without annual exams and pet vaccinations in Alexandria, pets would be exposed to all kinds of awful diseases. VisitWebsite Domain for more information.

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