Permanent cosmetics in Pocatello ID is a long-term solution to the age-old problem of putting on makeup. It is a timesaving service and well worth the effort of getting it done. It is not cheap, but many women become thrilled by the benefits that the procedure offers them.

What is it?

Permanent cosmetics in Pocatello ID or makeup that stays there all the time is actually very similar to a tattoo. Pigmented liquids are injected into the skin carefully by a plastic surgeon. These liquids are applied in a way to create an attractive makeup effect. The skin in the area where the makeup is applied will be tender and will swell up several days after the procedure and then it will go back to normal.

The Benefits

There are numerous benefits to permanent cosmetics, but the main one is that those who have it no longer have to apply most of their makeup. The makeup is already applied, even when first climbing out of bed or getting in and out of a swimming pool. People who have this permanent makeup will constantly look good and enjoy having a nice made up look.

Less is Best

When getting makeup put on for good, it is important to have less applied. Getting too much of it could result in a heavy makeup look all the time. Most women who opt to have the procedure done will focus on a few key areas at first, such as eye and lip liner. Many women leave it at this, but others who decide to have even more procedures done will still keep the applications quite mild. By keeping the makeup mild, the woman can modify her look to suit the occasion still, but will look put together even on off days.

It is Not Cheap

Just as a tattoo isnt cheap, neither are permanent cosmetics. The only difference is that these applications are applied by a plastic surgeon who will charge more overall. That means anyone considering getting permanent cosmetics will have to spend more than they would for other tattoo-related services. The time it takes to complete the procedure is understandably longer than tattoos of the same size as well because the application must be very precise for quality results.

Anyone trying to get rid of the burden of applying makeup on a daily basis, or someone who does not have time to put on makeup should consider getting permanent cosmetics in Pocatello ID. The procedure is relatively painless thanks to a local anesthetic, and it is something that will keep giving long after that initial application. For some people, it is well worth the money, and that is why it should be considered in other areas. There are many of professionals, who do the service, but it is important to make sure to work with skilled plastic surgeons that are going to do a top quality job, so do some research before making a decision. For more informaition visit

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