Young and healthy is when you dont really think about what the future holds, but you should. Scarfing down pizza and beer, making late-night Parkland Jack in the Box runs, and skipping nutritious meals in favor of whats fast and close to work catches up with you. You might even be feeling some of the effects right now youre tired all the time, irritable and cranky, your weight yo-yos up and down, and your most significant relationship is the one youre having with your couch.

What if 30 minutes a day with a certified personal trainer could change that?

Youd be all over that, right?

How to Get Started

The first thing to do before starting to work with a certified personal trainer is to see your doctor for a full physical that includes an exercise stress test or a Holter monitor EEG. Your physical is a test of your overall health and cardiac health conducted by your doctor and serves four basic purposes:

  • Check for diseases so that treatment can start before they become debilitating.
  • Uncover issues that are not affecting you now but could be problems in the future.
  • Update vaccines such as TDAP and talk about what immunizations you may need later.
  • Talk about diet and exercise routines.

The stress test is important as many cardiac conditions are silent asymptomatic – until they become life-threatening. Coronary artery disease, silent ischemia, arrhythmias, and even heart attacks can go unnoticed for years. Once youre cleared to start working out, you can start getting fit for the future!

Live Your Best Life

Your best life is one where you feel and look your best, have confidence, and learn healthy habits that will not only benefit you but your family. Build a healthy future in Parkland by building a healthy you.

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